31 Instagram-Worthy Hairstyles To Try In January


When January 1 comes around, our optimism is at an all-time high. We’re actually excited about going to the gym. We’re downloading meditation apps on our phones and making a list of all the books we want to read. And when we’re scrolling though Instagram and see a hairstyle we love, our reaction is more likely to be, “I can totally do this.”

But it’s normal to lose that positivity in the days and weeks that follow. Honestly, we blame alarm clocks — oh, and the cold weather that makes us just want to put on a hat. It’s so easy to fall back into last year’s hairstyle rut once you’re rushing to get back to the office on January 2.

But we’re here to keep you encouraged. Because while you might’ve thought that you used up all your creativity on your New Year’s Eve hairstyle, we’re here to prove that you’re just getting started. We’ve been putting the Instagram save feature to use to compile a month’s worth of hair inspiration. From bold accessories to Beyoncé-approved box braids, there’s something for everyone to try.

Ahead, 31 gorgeous looks that will inspire you to start the new year with nothing but good hair days.

The holidays might be over, but don’t let those celestial hair accessories collect dust. You can continue using them well into 2019 à la Lucy Hale.


The dark-to-light ombré effect on this beige lob makes it a unique look that’s perfect for wintertime.


Add length to your locs with crochet loc extensions, which have been a huge request at Nappstar salon in New York City. The extensions let you skip the grow-out phase and allow you to fake it ’til you make it with length as your natural hair grows.


Keep your ears warm and stay stylish with a trendy wrap like this leather one. Not only does defend your ears against winter wind, but it also hides greasy roots, making it a foolproof style on lazy hair days.


This sophisticated hairstyle that Peter Gray created on Kate Bosworth is easier to accomplish than meets the eye. Simply create a sleek ponytail, but for your last loop with the hair tie, stop midway to achieve this Japanese-inspired look.


Award season is underway, which means there is even more glam inspiration coming to your Instagram feed. For your next night out, recreate these red carpet-worthy pin curls, and don’t forget the red lipstick to complete the retro look.


Add a special detail to your half-up ponytail by wrapping hair around the base of the ponytail, as seen here on Amanda Seyfried.


We might be approaching a new decade, but the ’90s aren’t going anywhere — well, for now. And why not embrace it like Paloma Elsesser with an old-school, jumbo hair clip?


Take dimension to an entirely new level by giving yourself double bangs — a short, blunt set and longer, chin-grazing pieces. It creates a one-of-a-kind frame around the face that, if you choose to grow them out, will transform into natural layers.


Layered bangs also make for a unique look when creating updos.


Hairstylist Veronica Nunez said it best: “If someone tells you your hair is too big, get rid of them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.” Essentially, a mood for 2019.


Let your colorist know you’re ready to have some fun. Just before the start of her Las Vegas residency, Lady Gaga went from lilac to silver in days, showing us how creative you can get with your hair color — with the proper care, of course.


Summer is months away, but you can easily add some illumination to your life right now through your hair. This caramel brunette shade comes straight out of New York City’s trendiest salons. Not only does it add lightness to your hair, but it also gives your skin a subtle glow, according to Oscar Blandi Salon ‘s lead colorist Kyle White.


Some winter days call for a hat, and by adding tousled waves, you can make it into a look. You’ll be eager to keep your headwear on all day once it’s an integral part of your #ootd.


If you haven’t heard, statement barrettes are a thing. Celebrities, like Selena Gomez and Olivia Culpo, have been seen rocking these hair-clip messages all over Instagram. Some statements stronger than others.


We could honestly use all of Jennifer Lopez’s recent beauty looks as inspiration this month, but this voluminous half-up ponytail might be our favorite look from her Second Act press tour.


Go against the popular phrase “less is more,” and kick it up several notches with hair accents like these handmade pearl accessories on Vanessa Hong.


Per hair guru Kristin Ess, it’s “time to double-down” with the right accessories.


Looking for something new to do with your curls? Twist your hair from the roots to ends, then pin them up to create the basketweave base for this ponytail style. The size and direction of the twists is all up to you.


It’s all in the details, and if you look closely at this hairstyle, there are plenty of hidden components. From the tiny half-up ponytail that magically forms into a small braid to the loose hair that comes together at the nape, it’s hard not to stare.


Just because it’s wintertime, doesn’t mean you have to pack up your bright accessories. Find a colorful wrap and let it add some pizzazz to your look. You might forget that it’s even cold outside — well, until you actually step outside.


If you’re low on time and need a pretty hairstyle that’s quick and easy to do, this one’s for you. Just twist two front strands (one on each side of face) and bring them together at the back of the head, forming a crown. Take that ponytail and pin it into an effortless bun that looks like an unfolding rose.


Take notes from Queen Bey and start off the new year with small box braids. Length is up to you, but we’re feeling these thigh-length braids that make a statement.


If you’re not ready for a whole head of braids, add a few to your curly hairstyle along your part with two or three hair cuffs as accents.


Winter is coming, no really — Game of Thrones season eight is only a few months away. So, there’s no better time to be inspired by snowy-haired Daenerys Targaryes and go icy blonde. The best part is that it will still be on trend even after we’ve said goodbye to the HBO show.


Miss Universe took place last month, and although Miss Philippines walked away with the crown, Miss Vietnam won our hearts with her pixie cut that broke beauty pageant standards.


Sit back, relax, and bring those braids into a large bun that will make you want to take a selfie.


A new year calls for big transformations. If that’s your mood, go for a lined undercut that goes up into a curly mohawk. Hairstylist Keisha Des Vignes used custard on wet hair to enhance the curls and a detangling comb to distribute the product.


If you were pinning bangs to your inspiration board all through 2018, let this motivate you to go for it in 2019.


Want to give your long hair some added movement? Cut your strands into layers. You never know, maybe that appointment with the scissors will make you consider going shorter later in the year.


New York City girls are leaning into the shaggy lob for that tousled look, as hairstylist Mia Emilio previously told us. “I feel like it’s all about a shaggy look and messy curls this year,” she said.


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