Stylish Wedding Outfits For Grooms


Flip through any wedding magazine and you’ll find a ton of advice for brides. Dresses, makeup, hairstyle inspiration. They’ve got it all. But today we’re focusing on wedding outfits for grooms! Boys, this one is for you.


When it comes to selecting the right outfit, there are a few factors to consider:

Your wedding colour scheme – it would certainly look odd having a rustic brown suit with a classic, black and white themed wedding. Keep things appropriate by selecting a suit that fits with the overall theme. That’s not to say that you have to match perfectly. A pop of colour to help you stand out is a fab idea. 
The season you’re getting married in – take my advice on this one. You do not want to be wearing a three piece suit in the middle of summer. Nor do you want to be wearing a casual, short sleeved shirt at your winter wedding. 
Your personal style – if you are laid back and casual, don’t feel like you have to be someone you are not. Find an outfit that fits with your typical style. 
What you’d like your groomsmen to wear – you totally don’t have to match your groomsmen. It’s nice if their outfits complement yours so that you’ll look like a good ensemble. If you’ve selected a light grey suit for yourself, pick something a little darker for your boys. 


We’ve had some pretty stylish grooms featured in our real weddings so take a look at their outfits and be inspired!


Stylish Wedding Outfits for Grooms

A Dusty Pink and Burgundy Wedding | Peter Rowen Photography

A Magical Wedding with a Disney Theme | Oliver J Walker

A Beautiful Blush and Silver Theme Wedding | Stargaze Photography

A Marvellous Superhero Themed Wedding | Syona Photography

Irish Wedding Elegance at Palmerstown Estate | Emma Russell Photography

A Champagne and Dusty Pink Wedding in Portugal | Portugal Wedding Photographer

A Wonderful Three Day Wedding in Italy | Andrea & Federica Tappo

A Romantic Rose Gold, White and Floral Wedding | DK Photo

A Vintage Style Wedding | David Maury Photography

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