GMC Sierra Denali HD With Lift Kit Is Monstrously Imposing


In some cases, suspension lift kits on trucks can be rather redundant, unless it’s for some type of off-road competition. These are already ultra-capable machines, with loads of pulling power and sufficient ground clearance for everyday use.

The GMC Sierra Denali HD is of course more of a luxury truck, and stands as the flagship model to the pickup’s range. This particular example is a 3500 Denali HD, which features two rear wheels on each side to increase load capacity.

While we can’t give you an exact number, it’s safe to say that this is one very expensive truck. When new, it probably cost somewhere in the vicinity of $60,000, maybe more, depending on powertrain configuration. As you can see though, its owner didn’t feel like leaving well enough alone, so they installed a suspension lift kit.

Add even bigger wheels, and this Sierra would almost stand bumper to bumper with genuine monster trucks. It’s probably why we found the image on Reddit’s bad car mods thread, where people didn’t exactly have nice things to say about it. We’re not completely sure it belongs there, though, because the mods aren’t that bad, even if they make raise more than a few eyebrows.

Still, its increased capability may come in handy; only recently we saw a situation where a big-wheeled Ford F-350 Super Duty with a lift kit was needed in order to help a stock Toyota Tundra truck that was stuck in the mud.

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