Recommendations on buying first kayak


Hi guys!

I need some help as I’ve been searching everywhere and don’t want to thrown down money I’m not sure on. None of my friends kayak so it’s kind of hard trying to talk to someone to get an idea. Sorry for the word vomit in advance.

So, I’m a girl 130lbs, 5’6” and athletic. I like the sit on vs the sit in because of how easy they are to get in and out of and my legs aren’t as restricted. I’d be going by myself most times so something that’s light enough for me to carry. I’ve carried kayaks (~50lbs) by myself before down to the launch.

I live in Central Florida so I would mainly just be going down some calm rivers and mostly going to the springs and through the water ways. I’m not looking for long journeys on it. Probably tops I would do would be about 4-5 hours at most at a time.

Also, what do you suggest to help loading on my car? I drive a Jeep Compass with the stock side bars on the roof. I know I would need to get some cross bars but is there anything to make it easier taking out and putting up the kayak by myself? I would also take any suggestions on paddles, seat backs, etc.

I don’t mind paying for quality rather than going cheap. I’ve been researching online and is there anything of quality but keeping just the kayak itself under $400-$500 for what I’m looking for? I’m not familiar with brands so I don’t know what’s a reputable brand and what’s a bad one. I know in total and all the accessories is going to be a couple hundred more.

Thanks for reading all the babble and I’d love any suggestions! Thanks!

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