UPDATE: Root Insurance: Full coverage, car stolen, no negotiation is possible


This is an update to the post in the link below:


I have received the Appraiser's Evaluation Report on my stolen vehicle. After reviewing it, I see that they used 3 dealerships in my area as the "market value determinator", and all three dealerships "said" their sale prices were $3800, $3850, $3890. These values were dangerously close to each other, and extremely close to the NADA value from the book, also listed in the report, and whoever knows this car market knows those prices are as good as, for a lack of a better word, false, and I'm sure they don't even stock these cars anymore for the last 5 or so years. Good for me, they have the names of the contacts that they were supposedly in contact with to obtain these values from those dealerships, and also a phone number to each of them. I called every single one, asked to record the call (and consented), and asked to speak to these contacts, and surprisingly, none of them exist within the dealership, in any departments. I have since written a formal letter to my agent at Root. Will update.

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