Bound and cursed? A cry for help


I don't know where to start… Lets say that I've become the definition of failure. Every time I embark upon an endeavor which involves other people, it ends badly for me. Generally it starts good and I thrive, but after aproximately four months it all comes crashing down. And aproximately four months later I get my hands in a new endeavour, only to repeat the cycle all over again. This has been happening for almost eight years, and not only I'm not growing, but I'm also reaching a dead end (if I'm not already there).

I'm basically alone, since people don't want to hear what I say and they always say that my search for equity is futile (when they are not questoning my mental health). I've been dealing with discredit for a long time… And because everything is a mess, and it doesn't matter how much effort I put into it I always fall, I've to think that the answer is outside me (that's why I said cursed)..

And about the bound part, lets say that I don't feel the energy that I remember feeling when I first started practicing. That scares me, because if I'm bound I can't defende myself, and I will never get out of this terrible loop. The few times I tried using a black candle to dispel the negativity, it backfired and sped up the fall. One of those times, I came back to my house just to find the candle in the middle of a raging fire…

I hope someone with more enlightenment can help me or point the way, because it's really hurtful having to admit that good people come into the world just to suffer.

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